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ayd instone motivational innovation creativity speakerCall +44(0)1865 779944
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You can book Ayd directly, or through one of the speaker agents that represent him. If you normally work with a booking agent, feel free to contact them and request Ayd by name. We pay agents a commission out of our own fees, so there is no difference in the price you pay.

Ayd has standard rates for his appearances and services but is also able to do a number of events each year at a discount, usually for selected charities, schools and non-profit associations. Ayd’s talks are all about being creative and inventive. He is often open to interesting ideas on value exchanges.

To book Ayd, email him directly at ayd@aydinstone.com or call
+44(0)1865 779944

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To perform, Ayd will need the following:

• A PA will be required with:
ayd instone motivational innovation creativity speaker• Tie or head radio mic
• Standard mic on adjustable mic stand / or ability to plug in his own mic with stand into the PA
• Ability to plug acoustic guitar via jack lead through DA box into PA
• For larger venues a foldback monitor may be needed
• Ability to play music through the PA from MacBookPro
• Small table with glass and jug of water
• Well lit stage area with no obstructions such as lectern
• The venue needs to have a current performing rights music licence.


• VGA or HD projector and backdrop screen
• Ayd will bring his own MacBookPro to play his Keynote presentation with movie and audio files. We will need to plug the MacBookPro into the projector (standard VGA port) and to the audio of the PA. If this is not possible we will need to arrange in advance Ayd's movie file to be loaded onto the conference PC which will need to be tested, both audio and video, in good time.

If you cannot provide any of the technical specifications please let us know. We can bring our own complete audio set up but will need to discuss logistics with you.

Ayd will arrive at least one hour before the event is due to begin, but usually before the event begins and often the night before depening on logistics and location. Setup time is 20 minutes.

We normally film all events for internal and promotional use. If you are planning on filming the event we can discuss how best to shoot and use of footage afterwards. No filming or recording of Ayd’s performance is permitted without prior agreement.


All charges are due in advance of any presentation. Payment of at least 50% of the fee serves as confirmation of the booking, and it must be paid within 7 days of issue of an invoice. The remainder of the fee is due on or before the date of delivery of the engagement.

Cancellation fees will be charged as follows:
Within 30 days of the event above, 100% of the above fee will be payable.
Between 30 days and 60 days, 75% of the above fee will be payable.
More than 60 days, 50% of the above fee will be payable.
Should you have to cancel the event we will endeavour to credit payments to a future date if possible.

If Ayd is unable to perform the speech due to accident or illness, we will endeavour to provide a replacement speaker on agreement with the client or will return any relevant fee already paid by the client.


Contact Ayd today to discover how you and your business will benefit from being able to create more innovation in every aspect of your operations.

Call +44(0)1865 779944


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