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This keynote talk is available in 30, 45, 60 or 90 minute lengths.

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Iconic: The Secrets of Branding
and the Power of Visual Influence

Learn how to understand and control your subliminal marketing messages by understanding design and branding

Who it’s for: Advertising, marketing, branding and sales conferences

Perfect for: Conference openings or as after lunch energiser

It's not easy or obvious to understand what your marketing messages say about you to your clients. Are your visual messages congruent? Would it be useful to understand what emotions drive your clients to buy from you and how to create those emotions in your marketing, sales materials and branding?

The emotional response to the visual design of your products is immediate and unshakeable. Ayd Instone will show you how customers react to design and how you can use it to control their buying decisions. The rules of visual composition and communication are like the grammar of a language. Ayd will give you an insight into the nature of design and how we need to understand it and to unlock our own artistry to be able to do it or commission it.



Using music and interactive video, Ayd’s presentation is more of a one man show; perfect to open any conference or as the after lunch energiser to get the audience excited and receptive for what follows on your agenda.

Ayd often writes a unique specially written bespoke song for the audience and event.

Ayd Instone motivational innovation creativity speakerAyd Instone motivational innovation creativity speakerYou know it’s not easy putting together a day-long or multiple day programme that gets all the information and messages across to the audience without the audience losing concentration, focus or engagement at some point during the event.

That’s where Ayd can help. His performance is designed to not only get a message across (about changing how you think to be better and achieve more) but also energises, entertains and inspires in such a way that it’s perfect for the slot where you feel concentration is at its lowest point.

Many speakers shy away from the first session in the afternoon. Ayd requests this slot first as his presentations are ideal as your after lunch energiser.

By incorporating Ayd's session into your programme you’ll find it will benefit the entire event, aiding concentration, memory retention and application of the information presented before and after Ayd’s slot AND in a way that will stay with the delegates long after the event is over.

We know that the economy is changing, the way our customers think is changing and the way people relate to their work is changing. Coping with these changes and turning them into business advantages for you is what this presentation is about.

In this session you will learn:

In all the sessions Ayd does, the focus in on getting the audience to the point of inspiration. More than just a description of why creative thought and innovation is important, Ayd shows how we can move to new ways of thought. Delegates who attend the sessions will:

• What branding really is and what advantages it can have for a business like yours

• How branding is in fact more relevant to small-medium sized businesses than it is to large corporates and the lessons we can learn from their mistakes

• How to understand and control the subliminal marketing messages you emanate through all your visual materials from signage, customer areas, stationery, websites and marketing materials

• The secrets on how to quickly build your own distinct and unique brand that positions you as the go-to facility in your arena, and enable you to charge higher fees.

• How to engage, work with and get the most from, any graphic designer you may need to work with

• To see your business in a new context, from a visual and emotional perspective and be able to empathise with your customers to notice what small things can be improved to make large differences
This is not personal branding, this is big picture business branding. This is about making your invisible values tangible, visible and profitable. You'll never look at a business card in the same way again.

It is a perfect session for marketing, branding, advertising and sales conferences.

Getting the messages of a conference to ‘stick’ is the real trick. We all know that most people have forgotten the bullet points by the next slide, let alone once the event is over. Research has shown that messages contained in song lyrics, as well as messages presented in multi-sensory ways, DO stick. Not just hours of days later, but months, years and even decades later.

This show has the ability to incorporate the messages and themes of your conference and plant those messages in the minds of the delegates. As your opening keynote, the show will get open up the audiences learning abilities, their attitude of positive attention as well as improving their recall of not only the elements in the talk but also the rest of the conference to follow.

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"Ayd is a brilliant speaker on creativity. But not only is he a great speaker, his design work is awesome. I have used Ayd to design all my book covers and now to redesign and brand all of my products. The results are excellent. He is fast, efficient and wonderful to work with. So whether you are looking for an outstanding speaker for your next conference or excellent design work, Ayd is your man." — Frank Furness, CSP

"A very professional, enlightening and effective workshop.Would love to have you return." — Drew Pride, SIBL Leadership Group

"Ayd Instone’s presentation was one of the conference highlights. He has high credibility with a scientific audience, as well as an inspiring and energetic style. He is passionate about his subject and challenged many of the ways that we currently think in R&D, using humour and insight to bring his message about creativity and innovation to life." — Dr Michael R Bartley, Senior Research Project Leader, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

“This presentation was delivered in an excellent style, getting the audience involved and with a comical manner which greatly assists in remembering the content of the evening.” — The Co-operative

“Ayd Instone is a real one-off in the speaking world. His unique blend of entertainment, interaction and information keep an audience fully engaged throughout! His questions and practical ‘discovery’ exercises really get people realising how much more of their potential there is available to be teased out – and he is the perfect guy to help them to tap into more of the creative genius within them." — Tony Burgess, Director, Academy of High Achievers Ltd

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