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This keynote talk is available in 30, 45, 60 or 90 minute lengths.

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What your business needs to learn from John Lennon
An insightful, musical, entertaining conference keynote

Who it’s for: Large corporate conferences. Franchise and sales annual conferences.

Perfect for: Conference openings or as after lunch energiser

john lennon ink drawing 1974John Lennon may have left us 31 years ago, but his legacy is not only alive and well – it’s making a lot of money.

Ayd Instone motivational creativity innovation speaker• It has an annual income of over £10M which adds to the existing £400M already banked.

• Lennon is number one in the world for rock memorabilia. Any handwritten lyrics usually sell for in excess of £400,000. In June 2010, handwritten lyrics to A Day in the Life sold for £810,000. His simple line drawings sell for around £4000

• 1 million people visit Liverpool each year to follow the Beatles trail, spending around £48M while they’re there.

• There are over 5000 books on Lennon currently in print. There are numerous stage musicals, plays and tribute acts performing around the world.

Ayd Instone beatle suit rickenbackerYou may scoff and say, “of course there’s money, he’s an icon, a legend, due in part to the obvious fact that he’s dead. It’s not like our business at all, a completely different thing.”

But you’d be wrong. If we think about what that really means, and Lennon's creative journey and business story, it Ayd Instone motivational creativity innovation speakergives us some interesting lessons for business...

With fascinating examples and insights into John Lennon and the Beatles, incorporating some of Lennon's songs as you've never heard or thought of them before, this keynote gives you a thought provoking and entertaining session for your conference.

The presentation gives insights into how we can all use our creative minds to better innovate our roles in our businesses, to think of bigger and better ideas, using John Lennon as a compelling metaphor for the stories and examples.

You’ll learn about success and failure, about brave decisions and crushing mistakes and how being creative can give us themost rewards in life, and in business.

john lennon ink drawing 1967Ayd strips apart Lennon’s story as well as some of his most memorable songs to draw out the most useful lessons for us all.

Ayd performs selections of songs on acoustic guitar, with some elements enhanced with multimedia backing.

john lennon ink drawing 1968This session is perfect for a conference that wants something a bit different: entertaining and illuminating, inspirational and moving and yet packed with valuable business lessons to motivate the audience to think bigger and better and to achieve more.

It is a perfect personal development session for conferences of sales and marketing teams, franchise owners and large annual conferences.

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john lennon ink drawing 1968john lennon ink drawing 1965"Ayd Instone delivered a wonderful 90 minute humorous musical journey for our delegates. Great songs, riotous stories and a great rapport with my audience. He was able to do all this in the notorious after lunch graveyard slot. This man can entertain!"— Rod Sloane, London Professional Speaking Association President

“Ayd breaks with convention and the tried and tested methods of audience connection, to try something dare I say, unique. If you want to be enlightened, amused and entertained book Ayd Instone.” — Ian Plover, Business of Change

"What a delight to observe Ayd Instone with his enthusiastic presentation of platform delight, both musical and articulation.  He enchants the audience." — Naomi Rhode CSP, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, Past President National Speakers Association and Global Speakers Federation and Co Founder SmartHealth, Inc.


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