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Three Keynote talks
For your conference after lunch energiser slot

You know it’s not easy putting together a day-long or multiple day programme that gets all the information and messages across to the audience without the audience losing concentration, focus or engagement at some point during the event.

That’s where Ayd can help. His performance is designed to not only get a message across (about changing how you think to be better and achieve more) but also energises, entertains and inspires in such a way that it’s perfect for the slot where you feel concentration is at its lowest point.

Many speakers shy away from the first session in the afternoon. Ayd requests this slot first as his presentations are ideal as your after lunch energiser.

These keynote talks are available in 30, 45, 60 or 90 minute lengths.

innovation creativity motivational talk keynote for after lunch or dinner conference

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The Power of 'What If?'
Using possibility thinking to unlock innovation

Who it’s for: Scientific and technical conferences

This energising, entertaining and thought-provoking talk will give you insight into how better to be inspired to generate bigger and better ideas. 

You’ll learn why thinking and working differently is more productive and why that’s more relevant now more than ever.

You’ll understand how creativity is a blend of art and science, how it works and how we can unlock it to better cope with change and the new problems we face.

Using music and interactive video, Ayd’s presentation is more of a one man show; perfect to open any conference or as the after lunch energiser to get the audience excited and receptive for what follows on your agenda.
Ayd’s talk uses some of the techniques from current psychology to explain and harness the power of our creative insight, using stories, music and by asking the right questions, one of the most powerful of which is, ‘What If?’.

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"Ayd Instone’s presentation was one of the conference highlights. He has high credibility with a scientific audience, as well as an inspiring and energetic style. He is passionate about his subject and challenged many of the ways that we currently think in R&D, using humour and insight to bring his message about creativity and innovation to life." — Dr Michael R Bartley, Senior Research Project Leader, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

“Ayd channels people’s creative thinking in a science-driven environment, marrying science and art, touching on his personal experiences and conveying in an exciting and thought-provoking way. He engages the audience and delivers a compelling case for people to consider how they can draw upon their creative genius.” — Sara Alalouff, Senior Manager, Clinical Data Management, Roche Products Ltd

john lennon beatles innovation creativity keynote motivational talk

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What your business needs to learn from John Lennon
An insightful, musical, entertaining conference keynote

Who it’s for: Large corporate conferences.

John Lennon may have left us 31 years ago, but his legacy is not only alive and well – it’s making a lot of money with an annual income of over £10M which adds to the existing £400M already banked.

You may scoff and say, “of course there’s money, he’s an icon, a legend, due in part to the obvious fact that he’s dead. It’s not like my business at all, a completely different thing.”

But you’d be wrong. If we think about what that really means, and Lennon's creative journey and business story, it gives us some interesting lessons for business...

With fascinating examples and insights into John Lennon and the Beatles, incorporating some of Lennon's songs as you've never heard or thought of them before, this keynote gives you a thought provoking and entertaining session for your conference.

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"Ayd Instone delivered a wonderful 90 minute humorous musical journey for our delegates. Great songs, riotous stories and a great rapport with my audience. He was able to do all this in the notorious after lunch graveyard slot. This man can entertain!" — Rod Sloane, London Professional Speaking Association President

“Ayd breaks with convention and the tried and tested methods of audience connection, to try something dare I say, unique. If you want to be enlightened, amused and entertained book Ayd Instone.” — Ian Plover, Business of Change

branding design talk

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Iconic: The Secrets of Branding
and the Power of Visual Influence

Learn how to understand and control your subliminal marketing messages by understanding design and branding

Who it’s for: Large corporate conferences.

It's not easy or obvious to understand what your marketing messages say about you to your clients. Are your visual messages congruent? Would it be useful to understand what emotions drive your clients to buy from you and how to create those emotions in your marketing, sales materials and branding?

The emotional response to the visual design of your products is immediate and unshakeable. Ayd Instone will show you how customers react to design and how you can use it to control their buying decisions. The rules of visual composition and communication are like the grammar of a language. Ayd will give you an insight into the nature of design and how we need to understand it and to unlock our own artistry to be able to do it or commission it.

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"Ayd is a brilliant speaker on creativity. But not only is he a great speaker, his design work is awesome. I have used Ayd to design all my book covers and now to redesign and brand all of my products. The results are excellent. He is fast, efficient and wonderful to work with. So whether you are looking for an outstanding speaker for your next conference or excellent design work, Ayd is your man." — Frank Furness, CSP

"A very professional, enlightening and effective workshop.Would love to have you return." — Drew Pride, SIBL Leadership Group


Ayd Instone motivational innovation creativity speaker

Because Ayd is so energetic, original and entertaining, he is perfectly suited to energise your event in any of the key slots of:

The Opening - to begin the event on a high, to open delegates learning abilities, to have them in an inspired state to take on board more of the messages that will follow.

If you have a highly important speaker lined up - put Ayd on just before and he’ll get the audience in a state that will be ready to engage and think about the messages to come.

After lunch - getting delegates to return to concentration is tricky for the most experienced presenters. Ayd excels at it and can get the all room to be ‘back in the room’ to receive the most value from the rest of the day.

The Closing - Ayd can guarantee the event finishes on an inspired high, so that people leave motivated to take what they’ve learned back and take action on it.

After Dinner - Why waste resources on just an entertainer for the evening when you can have your after or pre-dinner slot filled with Ayd’s session that entertains AND continues to deliver learning value.

With more pressure on everyone to deliver more, to pack more and more in to a tighter schedule. Meeting planners have to make sure that time spent at an event is time and money well spent.

By incorporating Ayd's session into your programme you’ll find it will benefit the entire event, aiding concentration, memory retention and application of the information presented before and after his presentation in a way that will stay with the delegates long after the event is over.

Contact Ayd today to discover how you and your business will benefit from being able to create more innovation in every aspect of your operations.

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