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This innovation based masterclass is available in a 90 minutes, 3 hours or a full day session.

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Don't Tell the Dinosaurs (the Secrets of the Future)
Right-brain marketing in the new economy

Who it’s for: Business leaders, CEO Groups and managers with teams.

don't tell the dinosaurs the secrets of the futureHow can YOU be more innovative with your business, your brand, your marketing, your sales? What great ideas are lurking just out of your conscious reach? 

The meteor that will wipe out dinosaur thinking in today's world has already hit. How can we stand out in a changing landscape, to add more value, to cope with different expectations and be remarkable? To survive, our creativity needs to be unlocked and applied in new and challenging ways. Only the agile and the warm-blooded innovators will make it. Those that are inflexible and dogmatic will not. 

Leaders that can understand and operate in right-brain directed thinking - that is to embrace empathy, intuition and a holistic view with precision – will not only be able to cope with change, but will be able to define it.

Learn the mindset and techniques of marketing your business using the right-brain techniques that are being used to great effect by the profitable businesses in the new economy.

You’ll learn how the emotional and visual touch points in your branding and marketing have a massive impact on gaining and retaining a customer base.

This masterclass shows how so-called 'right-brain' thinking can be used in your business to create a culture of innovation and customer engagement that will grow your profit.

Right-brain, visual, holistic, intuitive, emotive thinking - it's the key to social media network and marketing. It's the key to building a brand in the new economy. It's the key to innovation. 

Ayd’s sessions are not normal. To get the audience to ‘think outside the box’, Ayd has to ‘be’ outside the box. Ayd creates an environment that demands the audience think outside of their comfort zones.

Using examples of innovative successful brands, Ayd shows how they are deliberately thinking different and doing thinks in very different ways with their marketing to build customer loyalty by using these techniques.


"Ayd has a unique style that is engaging and entertaining, a high energy session that is both stimulating and very enjoyable - highly recommended." — Simon Lester, Academy for Chief Executives, Group 07

“Interactive, not just lectured at. Possibiliy the best workshop I have been on. I left feeling very inspired and creative!” — Organix

"Thank you for a great morning at the SIBL event yesterday, I took away some great nuggets and ideas to explore!" — John Paterson, The Relaxation Company

"Thank you for your presentation... inspirational." — Kim Rose, CEO, Claude Systems ltd

“A very professional, enlightening and effective workshop. Would love to have you return.” — Drew Pride, SIBL Leadership Group

"I have heard numerous people talk about the left and right side of the brain and found the whole idea a total turn off, but through Ayd’s excellent communication skills and use of a one simple prop I was able to understand the financial and business significance of this concept. So much so, that it has caused me to re-evaluate how I present my business and how I shall be dealing with customers in the future. Having heard hundreds of speakers in the past Ayd is outstanding and certainly one of the best I have had the pleasure of listening to." — Charles Willcock, Chairman Solihull Business Club

There's even a book available:

don't tell the dinosaurs

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