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This innovation based masterclass is available in a 90 minutes, 3 hours or a full day session.

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The journey from top ideas to bottom line profits

Who it’s for: Business leaders, CEO Groups and managers with teams.

We can all come up with great ideas - or rather we all could if we didn’t sabotage the process by breaking the rules of idea generation. How can we be more creative with our problem solving and kick start those innovative ideas that unlock hidden profit?

In this immersive masterclass, you’ll be taken through the process of how the mind works during each stage of the creative process.

You’ll learn what your Creative Dynamic profile is and how it shapes how you manage innovation in your team.

You’ll learn and put into place the rules of Ideastorming and define and work on your most pertinent problem and generate 21 profit making ideas and solutions to solve it there there in the room!

Be prepared for some fun, but profound ‘creativity games’ that will highlight the default way we use our creativity under pressure. Once we understand it, we can enhance it and change it.

How can YOU be more innovative with your business, your marketing, your sales? What great profit making ideas are lurking just out of your conscious reach? 

Can you be the creative genius the future demands? Of course you can, and this session will prove it! We'll Access and apply your creative intelligence to upgrade your thinking and problem solving abilities

You’ll learn:

• How to effectively run an Ideastorm session to generate solutions and ideas to any problem

• Techniques to tap into your subconscious to define and solve problems using spontaneous creative insight

• What inhibits or activates innovation to understand why creative thinking gets stalled, blocked and overlooked

• How individuals and teams can think and collaborate better to foster new ideas and better practices for profit focused creativity

• The secrets of Creative Dynamics: how you and members of your teams respond and engage differently to creative thinking and ideas generation and implementation

Take home value:

You’ll leave with the greatest prize of all: 21 profit-making ideas to solve your most pertinant problem.

You’ll be able to run the process yourself, again and again to get more solutions to any future problem, large or small.

You’ll understand how to get the most out of your people by being able to identify their profile and therefore their mode of creative thinking.

“Ayd Instone really involved the audience - he managed to link the course to each individual persons problem...” — Pepsico UK and Ireland

"The delivery of the presentation had the perfect balance of humour and fact, giving a very informative yet light-hearted session, which kept you engaged throughout and involved the room in telling the story. I liked the fact that the speaker got the room involved in coming up with ideas and working together. I came away from the event feeling like I'd taken a lot away with me and the fast paced delivery ensured that we remembered what was said and that having come up with our own ideas as a result of the brainstorming sessions, took something really positive away from the experience." — Wm Morrison Supermarkets

"It was a great opportunity to generate some new ideas which will keep us going for quite a while” — TanyaBoardman, South East England Development Agency (SEEDA)

"We brought Ayd in to help us focus on what our company stands for, to help us be more creative when coping with new challenges and to kick start the process of making our company's customer service outstanding in our field. We were promised his techniques would generate 21 ideas. We actually generated 50 fantastic ideas. An extremely productive and illuminating session, off the wall and a great stretch! We will be having him back!" — Vince Kerr, Managing Director, Williams Medical Supplies Ltd

"We have plenty of fresh ideas to put into action, which will hopefully make and save the company quite a bit of money, but more than that – your methods are already helping us look at different ways to find solutions. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and fun as ever!" — Paul Mabbutt, Director, Jennings ltd

"Ayd Instone is a star." — Roger Harrop, The CEO Expert

Contact Ayd today to discover how you and your business will benefit from being able to create more innovation in every aspect of your operations.

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