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This innovation based masterclass is available in a 90 minutes, 3 hours or a full day session.

expert branding products for coaches, trainers, speakers

The Kudos Effect
How to brand your expertise

Who it’s for: Solo experts and business owners who need to brand their expertise, message, training, coaching and products into a coherent whole.

You can't just be good at what you do. You can’t just be an expert in your field. You can’t just have some great content. You have to have a string and clear 'Expertise Brand'.

To stand out from the increasingly growing numbers of consultants, trainers, coaches and speakers you need to be able to package yourself and your message as a brand. This isn’t personal branding - expertise branding is bigger than that. It’s the part of you that you’re selling; it’s the part of you that’s left behind and continues to sell for you when you’re not in the room.

Many experts fail to package their expertise properly and miss out on massive opportunities as a result. When your expertise is branded into a coherent whole, you’ll be able to charge more for your services, be able to up-sell easier and most exciting of all, be able to package your expertise into products.

This session will help you hone in on what it is that you stand for, what exactly it is that you are selling (and to who), what exactly it is about you that is unique, memorable and bookable.

In this masterclass you’ll learn:

• How to create a metaphor that enhances your marketing
• How to incorporate your unique story as a marketing narrative
• How to package your expertise into a range of products
• How to begin creating products, such as books
• How the publishing and self-publishing industries work and how to use them.

"Ayd was one of the best speakers at the convention. Ayd combined the emotional connections with stories to business motivation. It was fantastic." — Derek Arden, formerly Director of Barclays large Corporate Banking, Fellow of the Institute of Management and President of the Professional Speaking Association 2011-2012.

"Pure brilliance and totally inspiring. His subject of being “Unique” is perfect as that is what Ayd is. Imparting crucial information in a memorable style – he was truly the highlight of the day." — Sarah Fletcher, Everything You Need Conference

"Ayd Instone took the subject of how to be unique in business” and created a presentation that was perfectly suited to our audience of business owners. With no dreaded Power Point slide in sight he entertained and interacted fully with the audience, creating many thought provoking ideas and giving everyone the opportunity to explore their own experiences. Most interestingly, he used platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to engage with audience members before and after the event and has created much more meaningful relationships that has added so much value to the event itself. According to feedback from the audience members, the result is an experience that has not only left a lasting impression but will continue to develop and be of value for a long time to come." — Ann Hawkins, Business Mentor, The Inspired Group

“Right from the start, you will appreciating Ayd's professionalism. Ayd thinks things right through to startling and impressive conclusions. Ayd is your guide on an intrepid journey to discover your creativity. Let him show you the way – he knows where to find it.” — Sarah McCloughry, Anrah Coaching

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