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This innovation based masterclass is available in a 90 minutes, 3 hours or a full day session.

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Magnetic Communication
Presenting technical ideas in engaging ways

Who it’s for: People who work in technical or scientific industries who need to present technical data or detailed reports

We’ve all been in the audience and had to sit through an hour of slide after slide of bullet point after bullet point. The odd thing was that the presenter was a really interesting person and the topic was something we really wanted to know about and yet... it was so unbearably dull.

It doesn’t need to be like this. We all know that motivational type speeches can be engaging, general summary type talks can be humourous - but what about your report on the latest from R&D? What about the data about the new system? What about the latest sales projections? They can’t ever be compellingly presented can they?

The good news is that no matter what the subject, no matter what the depth or complexity of data, ANY presentation can be designed to be engaging, compelling, interesting and most of all (the bit that nearly everyone forgets) successful in its aims.

In this masterclass you will learn:

How to incorporate techniques from storytelling to draw the audience into the core message using narrative

• How to use techniques from psychology to maintain attention and focus.
• How to chunk and compact ideas
• How to incorporate emotional triggers to make the relevant points of the message stick and be remembered long after the presentation
• How to prioritise and decide what goes in the presentation and what goes into supplementary materials such as handouts, on-line followups or pre-talk materials
• How to use appropriate humour
• How to incorporate your own personality appropriately
• How to get the most out of visuals (and props if appropriate)
• How to use slides (Powerpoint/Keynote etc) to enhance and compliment the message and information without losing audience focus
• The key elements of slide design
• The stagecraft of microphone technique, use of flipcharts, how to reffer to the screen, using a lecturn or using the whole stage area
• How to compose, memorise and use notes appropriately

In this masterclass you will get to the heart of your purpose in delivering your presentation to create compelling communication which is truly magnetic.

"Ayd Instone is the most motivated and innovative speakers I have ever had the pleasure to meet. If you need a speaker to inspire your people, to do it with passion, to leave them a message that really motivates and moves them then look no further than Ayd. He is so energetic you can literally feel the energy in the room rise as soon as he begins to speak. All this fun and excitement mixed in with REAL business messages, powerfully delivered." — Kath Bonner-Dunham, 4P Business Development Ltd

"His charismatic, quirky and hilarious method of presenting, tapped into the very parts of the audience's minds which enabled them to practice the process and leave with a skill that has perhaps been untouched since childhood. Ayd has the expertise and experience to know exactly what he is talking about and his style is emphatic, engaging and encapsulating to the audience.” — Bradley Fitchew, Fish on Toast (University of Southampton Entrepreneurs)

"There are few speakers around who offer such rounded talks, that manage at once to both entertain and deliver real, actionable ideas. Ayd gave a practical workshop to the committee of Oxford Entrepreneurs.” — Jordan Poulton, President, Oxford Entrepreneurs

"A fresh alternative workshop to the many dry, stale and unproductive others! It was Great! Ayd was inspiring." — Darren Cliff, Cliff Video Productions

"Ayd has opened the magic circle. He told us his secrets and he demystified the metaphysical.If you want to learn the mechanics of presenting, Ayd's your man!" — Samantha Babister, Toastmasters Area Governor

Contact Ayd today to discover how you and your business will benefit from being able to create more innovation in every aspect of your operations.

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