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These innovation based masterclasses are available in 90 minutes, 3 hours or full day sessions.

right brain creativity innovation workshop about change

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The journey from top ideas to bottom line profits

Who it’s for: Business leaders, CEO Groups and managers with teams.

The key to creativity is understanding how the mind processes creative thought.

We'll then work on your most challenging business issue and generate 21 profit-making new ideas - to increase revenue or reduce cost"

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“Ayd Instone really involved the audience - he managed to link the course to each individual persons problem...” — Pepsico UK and Ireland

right brain creativity innovation workshop about change

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Don’t Tell the Dinosaurs (the Secrets of the Future)
Right-brain marketing in the new economy

Who it’s for: Business leaders, CEO Groups and managers with teams.

Learn the mindset and techniques of marketing your business using the right-brain techniques that are being used to great effect by the profitable businesses in the new economy.

You’ll learn how the emotional and visual touch points in your branding and marketing have a massive impact on gaining and retaining a customer base and increasing profits.

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"An excellent creative workshop. Ayd has a unique style that is engaging and entertaining, a high energy session that is both stimulating and very enjoyable - highly recommended." — Simon Lester, Academy for Chief Executives Group 07

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Magnetic Communication
Presenting technical ideas in engaging ways

Who it’s for: People who work in technical or scientific industries who need to present technical data or detailed reports.

How to create a winning presentation from the information you need to get across by incorporating techniques from storytelling and psychology.

You’ll learn techniques of chunking to compact ideas, prioratisation methods and use of emotional triggers to deliver a compelling presentation with even the most detailed or dry data.

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"Ayd has opened the magic circle. He told us his secrets and he demystified the metaphysical.If you want to learn the mechanics of presenting, Ayd's your man!" — Samantha Babister, Toastmasters Area Governor

expert branding products for coaches, trainers, speakers

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The Kudos Effect
How to brand your expertise

Who it’s for: Solo experts who need to brand their expertise, message, training, coaching and products into a coherent whole.

You’ll learn how to create a metaphor that enhances your marketing as well as thinking deeper about who you are and how your uniqueness can be used to market your offering or be turned into new products and services.

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"Ayd was one of the best speakers at the convention. Ayd combined the emotional connections with stories to business motivation. It was fantastic." — Derek Arden, formerly Director of Barclays large Corporate Banking, Fellow of the Institute of Management and President of the Professional Speaking Association 2011-2012.


Ayd can provide extended in-company training and one-to-one coaching on any of the above topics.

Contact Ayd today to discover how you and your business will benefit from being able to create more innovation in every aspect of your operations.

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